Round table to present the launch of “New Techno War”: presentation of the project and all its different components

07.10.2020 • 16:00
a cura di armasuisse Science and Technology
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During this round table it will be discussed how the game “New Techno War” was conceived and how its the physical-digital ecosystem developed with the aim of answering the apparently simple question “How can I experience something if this something does not exist?”. How to apply the lessons learned to the industry and everyday challenges

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armasuisse Science and Technology

armasuisse Science and Technology is the technology center of the Swiss Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sports. It tests and evaluates the operational readiness, functionality and effectiveness as well as the security requirements of current and future systems of the Swiss Armed Forces. Its mission is to enable its stakeholders to take conscious technology decisions, minimize investment risks, and keep informed on future technologies.


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Dr. Quentin Ladetto

Research Director. He Leads the Technology Foresight research program at armasuisse Science and Technology. The mission is to identify disruptive technology trends, assess their implications within a military context and inform the Swiss Armed Forces of its possible opportunities and threats.

Armando Poremba

Dr. Armando Geller

Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Scensei. Armando is a computational social scientist by background. He earned a D.Phil. from the University of Zurich, worked as a lecturer and researcher in various positions at the Swiss Military Academy at ETH Zurich, the Center for Policy Modelling, Manchester, UK, and George Mason University, and held a Visiting Fellowship at Columbia University. 

Round table to present the launch of “New Techno War”: presentation of the project and all its different components

Pierre Yves Franzetti

Pierre-Yves Franzetti studied Literature at the University of Geneva, then Military Sciences at the ETH Zurich. He is the founder and director of HELVETIA Games SA, P2P SA, HENIGMA SA, and Studio HG Sàrl, all active in the gaming industry.

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Dr. Gabriele Rizzo

Visionary Futurist, Enthusiastic Innovator. CEO and Director of Futures at Longviews. Advisor to Governments and Defenses on Long-Term Strategy, Foresight, Game-Changing Technologies, Innovation Convergence.


Alessandro Antonucci

Senior Lecturer-Researcher at Dalle Molle Institute of Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning and Automatic Reasoning Expert, teaching Algorithms to Computer Scientists and Machines to Behave Intelligently


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Luca Tenzi

Ambassador and Manager of International guests and contents