Radar of Swiss Cybersecurity Startups: local innovations to strengthen your cybersecurity posture

05.10.2020 • 16.30
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Wavestone Switzerland will share local cybersecurity innovations from their recently released “Swiss Cyber-security startups radar” : from Data protection to Cloud Security and Identity & Access Management, discover fresh mechanisms and principles at the core of Swiss-made cybersecurity products.

Cybersecurity being an ever-evolving domain, we invite you to benefit from this market-watch conducted during the first 2020 semester : you might identify some interesting local solutions to complement your cybersecurity tools & services!

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At the confluence of management and digital consulting, Wavestone supports leading companies and organizations in delivering their most critical transformations on the basis of a single, central, conviction that a shared sense of enthusiasm is at the core of successful change.
Our Cyberbersecurity & Digital trust service is leading the field of Security consulting : 500 cyber consultants combine functional, sectoral, and technical expertise, covering more than 1,000 engagements per year in 20 countries (among which France, UK, US, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Morocco…)
Wavestone supports its customers in securing their digital transformation from the strategic phases to the operational implementation, while offering an appropriate response in the event of an attack.
“The Positive Way” is who we are. At Wavestone, we are united by a spirit of mutual trust, free from the constraints of silos and egos. Stimulated by solving challenges and engaged in achieving results, our energy is infinite as we support our clients in unlocking innovation with trust.


Wavestone Pactat Rémi

Rémi Pactat

Cybersecurity Manager at Wavestone Switzerland. Cybersecurity Assessment & Risk Analysis, Transformation programs, Network and Web/Cloud Security, IT Teams Management, Project and Program Manager. Relevant experiences:
• 360 cyber audit & Cybersecurity risk analysis – SRG-SSR (Swiss TV & Radio)
• Cybersecurity Detection audit – Philip Morris International
• Cybersecurity Program Manager – BNP Paribas Switzerland
• Internet Access Points evolution – HUG
• Cybersecurity Program Manager – SITA
• Head of Internet Network & Security – Société Générale
Wavestone Girardi Alexandre

Alexandre Girardi

Cybersecurity consultant at Wavestone Switzerland. Risk analysis, Application security, Audit, IAM control, Architecture review, Reverse engineering, Cryptography. Relevant experiences:
• 360° cybersecurity audit – SRG-SSR
• Control strengthening– BNPP Switzerland (Data Protection Plan)
• Guardian controls – BNPP Switzerland (ARM Team)
• Air Transport Industry systems auditing – SITA
• Internal audit ISO 27001 – PwC