Leverage digital identities and passwordless access to extend your business

05.10.2020 • 16.00
edited by Clusis
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Competition keeps getting more heated and speed of execution in digital products is ever more important. All the while, customer expectations of convenience and ease-of-use in digital products as well as cybersecurity concerns are rising rapidly. A collateral effect of fully digital operations, increased interconnectivity, and cloud is the inevitably expanding attack surface. In this context, solid identity and access management is a pillar of business success and resilience.

Well-engineered identity and access management:
reduces time-to-market for your innovative digital products since they can plug-in rapidly;
offers passwordless convenience to your customers;
defines security perimeter in hybrid-cloud environments

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The Clusis, Swiss Association for Information Security, is dedicated to all aspects of cybersecurity. Nonprofit organization, it was founded in 1989. Originally, the founders of Clusis are aware that companies must be made aware of the risks to which they are now exposed. Information processing technologies are booming and businesses have jumped on the bandwagon, without always being able to protect their sensitive data. Actors in the economy also need a competent interlocutor to answer their questions, Clusis was born.

Become a recognized center of expertise in all areas of information systems security, the Clusis explores new information paths, takes risks and comes back to its members with new solutions. With this experience, Clusis allows its members - today professional cybersecurity players - to consolidate, refresh their knowledge through practical experience and stimulate debate with experienced interlocutors.

The risks and threats have evolved since the creation of the association and the businesses around the security of information systems have become more complex. Today, the Clusis is a real platform for exchanges between more than 400 experts : senior professors from the academic world, competent security professionals or SMEs involved in these issues. Thanks to a flagship annual event, the Strategic Day, targeted and cutting-edge conferences, formations, the Clusis shares its updated knowledge with interested companies and experts. The success of these exchanges testifies to the quality of the speakers and their mutual contributions..



Swiss software solutions company AdNovum offers its customers full support in the fast and secure digitalization of business processes, from consulting and design to implementation and operation. AdNovum's core skills also include identity and access management as well as security solutions and security consulting. We focus on a clientele made up of companies and organizations that wish to differentiate themselves through innovative digitalization solutions, among which banks, insurance and the public sector.

Founded in 1988 in Zurich, where she has her seat, AdNovum has offices in Bern, Lausanne, Budapest, Lisbon, Ho-Chi-Minh-Cité and Singapore. The company counts today 560 employees including IT consultants, software engineers, application managers and security experts



Rachid Abdoun

Solutions Architect – Canton of Neuchâtel


Nagib Aouini

Head of Security – SEBA Bank


Leo bolshanin

Head of Cybersecurity Romandie – AdNovum


Olivier Paillere

Principal IAM Engineer – AdNovum


Jerome Bailly

Sales Manager Romandie – AdNovum

AdNovum Loic Pfister

Loîc Pfister

Managing Director – AdNovum