18 September 2019
The event on innovation and technologies of the near future

Visionary Day

The Visionary Day is the new experience-based reference event taking place in Southern Switzerland dedicated to technological innovation topics which reveal the future.

01. Open to everyone

This event is thought out not only exclusively for the experts in the field but also for those who “have heard about” new technologies and want to get a more concrete and precise idea of what it means and what developments will bring in tomorrow’s everyday life.

02. All-embracing topics

The chosen topics address not only business life but also everyday themes from health to the health system, education, culture and in general all areas of our life affected by the digital transformation.

03. Visionary Speech

Through testimonials from experts working with new technologies and through a large exhibition area you will be able to observe, experience up close and try for yourself the new technologies of the future through an interactive and engaging Visionary Tour.

04. Visionary Night

The Visionary Day will be followed by a Visionary Night in which a very special guest will guide the audience towards the future.
Visionary nights have been highly appreciated in the past years and shared in Ticino through the participation of leading figures coming from many different areas of innovation. The Visionary night will be a true opportunity to share knowledge, Ideas and experiences with a broader and more future-oriented vision.

Who is this event addressed to?

The speakers and their testimonials are chosen based on their capacity to simplify even the most complex aspects of new technologies.

During the Visionary Day even non-experts who are simply interested in themes regarding innovation for the first time will find an answer to the question “how will new technologies change the world and our way of living?”

  • Are you an expert in digital transformation or an enthusiastic specialist?

    The topics covered in the exhibiting area allow for all participants who already understand new technologies for passion or for work, to enrichen their network of contacts, to exchange opinions and points of view.

  • Are you a manager, business owner or director of a company?

    For all managers, business owners and other functions involved in decision making processes, the Visionary Day offers the opportunity to better understand how production cycles, customer service, human resources management, marketing and business processes are evolving in the world of the fourth industrial revolution and, above all, how digitalization can improve company performance, productivity and profitability.

  • Are you a student aged between 6 and 15 and would like to approach the world of technology and information technology?

    During the afternoon of the Visionary Day there will be activities and laboratories for kids developed and created thanks to our partnership with ated4kids.

  • Are you a consultant, an employee or an independent worker?

    Visionary Day is a great opportunity to better understand how new technological tools can change today’s professions, how you can stay updated in order to keep up with the times and what future is reserved for the working world.

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Why participate?

Participating at the Visionary day means not only to listen to testimonials of experts in technology and digital innovation but also to have a direct experience and observe up close how artificial intelligence, robots and science are changing our way of living.

It’s an opportunity

To understand how our lives and our professions are changing, to understand how they will change in the future and how we can take advantage of the opportunities that are provided not only to improve our lives but also our professions.

The schedule


Kevin Warwick


Known for his experiments on implant and subcutaneous technology and member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) He has published over 600 research articles and 27 books.

Paola Mattioli

STEAM Teacher and trainer

Creative and new technologies passionate artist, she loves to mix materials creating new objects while accompanying by reading aloud illustrated books.

Valeria Cagnina e Francesco Baldassarre


They teach children, teens and adults in a creative way robotics. Their motto is: “let’s meet the Robotics, turn on the Passion!”

Eric Bastioli


He has been involved in hi-tech since 1986, developing innovative products for driver training: AI and VR are the latest tools used to create 3D driving simulators.

Luca Mascaro


A designer and serial entrepreneur, in 2006 he founded Sketchin, a Swiss strategic design studio that aims to design the experiences of the future.

Martino De Marco


Leading the larger Italian team of Data Science experts: using AI systems, it helps customers to make use of data for strategic decisions making processes.

Luca Maria Gambardella

Director of the IDSIA Istituto Dalle Molle on artificial intelligence studies (USI-SUPSI)

In charge of the IDSIA research center at USI-SUPSI on artificial intelligence with eighty researchers, dealing with machine learning, drones, ants and the blending between art and science.

Stefano Mele


An internationally recognized leading figure, he deals with the political, strategic and legal aspects of the impact of technology on the lives of citizens and on national security.

Raffa Daniele

ceo Handy System Sagl

Master in Advanced Computer Science. Since teen years owner of the Handy System Ltd, dealing with technologies designed to assist disabled and/or elderly people.


Roberta Cocco

Deputy Mayor in charge of Digital Transformation and Civic Services – Municipality of Milan

A career at Microsoft in various roles up to being Central Marketing Director. Since 2014 she has been Director of National Development Plans for Western Europe.

Massimiliano Falcinelli

Information System Manager @ European Medicines Agency

Responsible for the procurement strategy of all Information and Communication Technologies and related technological services in use at the European Medicines Agency.

Lorenzo Natale

Senior Research Scientist at the Italian Institute of Technology

He is a Senior Researcher at the Italian Institute of Technology. He has a MS and PhD in robotics and has been a researcher at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Valentina Coria

Technical Solution Professional

Valentina is currently an expert in Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft Switzerland.

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Sponsor Diamond

Do you want to become Visionary Day 2019 sponsors?


Association dedicated to information and communication technologies (ICT). In Lugano since 1971.


Cristina Giotto

Event Manager @ Ated ICT Ticino
Active in the area of technology, member of ated Committee, vice president of Clusis Suisse , co-founder of the Girl Geek group Dinners Ticino and ated4kids. Creative and enthusiastic, always ready for new challenges and new projects.


A consulting, training and coaching company.


Davide Proverbio

Partner @ Prowork International Swiss
SUPSI Diploma of Advanced Studies in Business Coaching. Expert in managerial training, passionate about new technologies and digital challenges.


A consulting, training and coaching company.


Stefano Dell'Orto

Managing Partner @ Prowork International Swiss
Partner & Change Manager in small companies providing services to people and goods. Digital learner especially in the e- Health area and in the Visionary organizational team Day as Partner of the Event Manager.


Strategic Marketing, Digital & Brand Management Company.


Mirko Lunardon

Founder & CEO @
Degree and 15+ years in the Marketing, Media and ADV sector, supports companies and projects in their evolution. Together with Manthea Team have created Brand Visionary Concept Day Swiss and event marketing.


The Swiss marketing Business association.


Maria Luisa Bernini

Vice-President KS/CS Kommunikation Schweiz, Zurich, Geneva, Lugano | CEO di Swiss Communication Agency, Lugano, Berna e Londra.
Technical support and development of channels for the realization of the event and their sustainable financing.


Leading technology company for Computing and Printing products, innovative also in the DaaS – Device-as-a-Service field.


Alan Boffi

Swiss Italian Regional Manager for HP Switzerland Sagl.
Over 10 years of experience in the ITC sector, in different sales and management roles. Member of the ATED committee and proud technological partner of the Visionary Day .


Luca Tenzi

Resilient international security expert, lecturer and author on security technology convergence.
Expert in corporate security and technological convergence with nearly 20 years of experience in publicly traded multinational companies, supplemented by experiences at specialized UN agencies, including the leading information and communication technology agency and the agency for atomic energy.

Stefano Mallè

Chief Technology Officer.
Stefano is CTO at Microsoft Switzerland and is responsible for new technologies and their benefits for businesses and society.



Limited tickets

95 CHF

  • - Possibility to assist at all speeches is included in the price
  • - Two coffee breaks
  • - Demo part
EARLY BIRD TICKETS Visionary Day & Night
Limited tickets

145 CHF

  • - Possibility to assist at all speeches is included in the price
  • - Two coffee breaks
  • - DEMO part