How technology is driving business transformation (case study)

06.10.2020 • 16.30
a cura di Synthetik Applied Technologies
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How technology is driving business transformation (a case study)

A case study that attempts to describe the impact of technology in driving business transformation across the security, engineering, and insurance industries.

Technology has shaped the current business environment and there is now a requirement to be disruptive. Given that traditional cost paradigms for hardware and software have gone – how do businesses stay profitable, and does this render traditional business models obsolete?

This ‘Age of Data’ and the rise of Artificial Intelligence presents unique risks and opportunities and we shall use real-world examples to illustrate how technology is driving business/industry transformation, including the successes, reticence to change, and requirements for validation and verification that precede business transformation

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How technology is driving business transformation (a case study)

Synthetik Applied Technologies

Founded in 2017, and based out of Austin, Texas – Synthetik is a fast-growing, AI-focused start-up.  We create and develop breakthrough technology to mitigate the biggest threats to the world around us, including terrorism, extreme events, and global environmental impacts.Synthetik provides data-driven solutions to commercial industry, and works with the world’s largest insurance companies.  We also support several US government agencies, leading applied research and development programs


How technology is driving business transformation (a case study)

Tim Brewer

Tim Brewer is COO at Synthetik with over 18 years’ experience leading computational modeling and R&D efforts, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision