Coffee PITCH

07.10.2020 • 15.00
a cura di Fondazione Agire
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Coffee PITCH

Throughout the week of Visionary Day, Fondazione Agire will present seven brief video pitch of Ticino startups. These two-to-three-minute videos will be broadcast during the usual morning and afternoon “coffee breaks”. Every day, two different local startups will be introduced.

The aim of this project is to provide visibility to the startup ecosystem in the Canton of Ticino by breaking down and discussing its products, services and innovative projects under development.

In this coffee pitch, Ruben Roldan Molinero and Francesco Frontini will introduce iWin, an energy and cleantech startup

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Coffee PITCH

Fondazione Agire

Agire is the agency for innovation of the Canton of Ticino. It promotes both process and product innovation, as well as sustaining innovative startup and SME projects with the aim of providing economic growth and creation of high-skilled jobs

Coffee PITCH





iWin is a photovoltaic venetian-blind shading device that is integrated inside an insulating window


Coffee PITCH

Rubén Roldan Molinero

CEO of iWin

Coffee PITCH

Francesco Frontini

COO of iWin