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The Visionary Day mission statement

We are new technologies passionate, perhaps visionaries or just people who discovered that many unanswered questions are hidden behind the concept of innovation.

We talk about life and professions transformations but there are few occasions when new technologies can be seen live.

We strongly believe that Visionary Day will be an opportunity to see “innovation” closely through the direct experience, touching and testing those tools that are changing and will increasingly change the world.


  • Only one seat available | Price on request

    • Across presence and participation in the organizing committee
    • 20 free entries
    • Visibility over the whole event
    • Demo space required
  • No. 4 places available | Price on request

    • Access to each speech session (4 x)
    • 10 free entries
    • LARGE DEMO AREA (15 m2)
    • possibility to propose a speech (subject to the scrutiny of the organizers committee)
    • Site visibility with company logo + company description + rollup + flyer + social media visibility with dedicated posts
    • Logo in documentation / press releases / gadgets / etc.
    • Logo as the main sponsor of Visionary Day and logo in the visionary movie Day / Night
    • Possibility to publish 4 Articles in our TIO blog
    • Article written by the journalist ated
    • Logo in the newsletter of the event
  • N° 8 places available | Price on request

    • Visibility on visionary tour 2x
    • 5 free entries
    • MEDIUM DEMO AREA (10m2)
    • Visibility to Visionary Day as a secondary sponsor
    • Visibilità alla Visionary Night come sponsor secondario
    • Possibility to publish 2 Article in our TIO blog
    • Logo in the newsletter of the event
  • 20 seats available | Price on request

    • 2 free entries
    • Only logo on the site
    • 1 article in Ticinonline