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Enrico Fabbri Architect – Founder and Creative Director
Company: Enrico Fabbri Across Design SA since 2012

Across Design is a multidisciplinary design studio that focuses on using design to encourage changes.

It is created by designers and architects who collaborate with each other, with the common idea of reinventing spaces, objects and ways of communicating with the objective of creating transformative design solutions.

Hemargroup – EMS

Andrea Moroni Stampa – Head of Engineering/CTO

Industrial, IoT and medical devices all have nowadays something in common: an electronic heart! From the idea, through design and development, up to prototype or mass production, Hemargroup is a well-established partner – Electronic is our world, manufacturing our passion

xFarm – IoT / Agriculture

Matteo Vanotti – CEO xFarm; Main Partner: Hemargroup / Andrea Moroni Stampa CTO
Company: Hemargroup

xFarm is a digital farming platform, aiming to simplify a farmer’s life. With integrated IoT sensors and software modules, the revenue can easily be improved, for example with illness prediction, smart irrigation or foodchain traceability.

CLEMAP – IoT / Energy

Gino Agbomemewa – CEO Clemap; Main Partner: Hemargroup / Andrea Moroni Stampa CTO

Thanks to the CLEMAP One sensor it is possible to access the electrical consumption in real time. You can monitor consumers such as heat pumps, kitchen, lights, etc. and find out when equipment was switched on unnecessarily. As well in your absence you have always access to detailed indication about your consumption. Do you own a company? With CLEMAP One you will be able to monitor the electricity consumption of your company daily, weekly and monthly via the mobile or Internet web application.

REHA-Stim – IoT / Medical

Gary Honegger – CTO REHA Stim, Main Partner: Hemargroup / Andrea Moroni Stampa CTO
Company: Hemargroup

High patient motivation through game-based learning: the Bi-Manu trainer supports patients with sensory-motor and cognitive impairment during rehabilitation. It provides interactive uni- and bimanual training exercises with focus on visuomotor finger, hand and arm coordination using Virtual Reality based games and sophisticated sensor technology.

Creativity Ideas

Paola Mattioli – STEAM teacher and trainer
Company: —

Creative challenges with straws that whistle to the sound of music to train the mind in responding to the most absurd requests.

Hands think before the brain, imaginatively building the answer to the challenge launched.


Rafael Fink – Chief Operating Officer
Company: Associazione e-Health Ticino

The e-Health Ticino Association promotes the computerized patient record and the creation of a cantonal community of reference able to bring together the main actors of health and the patients themselves.


Life Glove

Dr. Med. Michele Musiari – Inventor / Promoter

It only takes 2 steps to save a life from a cardiac arrest:
1  Call the rescue services
2 Squeeze fast and hard in the center of the chest
from now everyone can save a life Life Glove – Life is in your pocket.


Mirko Nesti – Ceo
Company: Tectel SA

Tectel SA offers services of Optical Substitute Archiving, with the project “recuperando” it aims to save and enhance important ancient documents to preserve them over time.

Virtec Attractions

Alberto Tacconi – Marketing

With Feed the Dinos you can live in VR the experience of feeding some dinosaurs, also your company can be filmed and shared with your friends!


100% Mentor
Company: Ated – ICT Ticino

Our activities are dedicated to girls and boys from 6 to 15 years old who wish to approach the world of technology and information technology. We offer programming workshops and courses in Scratch and Phyton Programming, video game programming, educational robotics with Thymio and legomindstorm, Minecraft, 3D printing, and communication courses. The activities are proposed thanks to the volunteers, our “100% mentor”.

Swiss Agile Center

Jessica Tagliabue, Marketing Manager

Swiss Agile Center is a new sharing space in Ticino that promotes technological development and innovation with an agile organizational model.
Live unique experiences in our demo workstations designed thanks to the collaboration between DOS Group SA, Macaco and HP Switzerland. In our stand you can test the new HP Reverb VR Headset viewer and experience virtual travel thanks to advanced business technology tools.

Virtual Reality Experience

Francesco Gaffuri – Digital designer
Company: gaffuri&gaffuri

With our 360videos you can try “Supping” (Stand Up Paddling) on the waters of Garda Lake, you can make an excursion with friends to the Castle of Sirmione and the famous “Caves of Catullus”.

Among Mendrisiotto’s cultural heritage

Francesco Gaffuri – Digital designer

Territorial marketing project that guides the visitor to the discovery of the most important cultural places and museums of sacred art in the Mendrisiotto region through virtual reality.

Cantonal Library of Lugano

Francesco Gaffuri – Digital designer
Company: gaffuri&gaffuri

With the creation of over 200 360photos we have given users the opportunity to virtually enter the Cantonal Library of Lugano and to also discover the spaces not open to the public.

Joan Mirò VR Experience

Francesco Gaffuri – Digital designer

By wearing our VR viewers you will have be able to take a virtual trip within the Joan Miró Foundation in Palma de Mallorca, the house-museum dedicated to the work of the artist Joan Miró.

Let’s meet Robotics!

Valeria Cagnina, Co-Founder and Mentor;
Francesco Baldassarre, Co-Founder and Mentor.
Company: OFpassiON

“Let’s meet Robotics!” is a group workshop where Dreamers can discover robotics and experience soft skills through the innovative “10 Rules” method.


Andrea Albertini – CEO
Company: Bitcrib (to be constituted)

beepro is an innovative system for beekeepers, bees, scientists and society. It serves to remotely monitor a hive by providing information that allows beekeepers to to improve its apiaries and at the same time provide large amounts of significant data to the scientific bee-studying comunity. It consists of a series of electronic boards and a platform. All the hardware and software components of the system are designed in Ticino and most are produced in Switzerland.

Dell Technologies

Esteban Diaz – Account Executive
Company: Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies is a unique family of companies that helps organizations and people build their digital futures and transform the way they work and live. The company supports customers with the most innovative and broadest portfolio of services and technologies on the market, covering everything from the edge, to the core, to the cloud. The Dell Technologies family includes Dell, Dell EMC, Pivotal, RSA, Secureworks, Virtustream and VMware.

Assistive Technology

Daniele Raffa: Founder and Corporate Manager
Company: Handy System Sagl

Assistive technology aims to make all devices that are part of our daily lives accessible. Our demo offers some practical examples of this area.


Patrizia Marschalkova Co-Founder & CEO at Dicronis
Company: Dicronis Sagl

Lymphit, developed by Dicronis, a spin-off of the ETH Zurich, will allow for the first time an early diagnosis and efficient monitoring of the development of lymphoedema, thanks to an innovative technology combining the release of a fluorescent agent in the skin via micro-projections of a plaster and measurement of the signal from a wearable tracker. In this way, patients at risk and suffering from lymphoedema will benefit from condition monitoring with a simple, painless procedure that allows them to be carried out from home, while the treating physician can make informed decisions about the best therapeutic strategy.

Modernization of the lift as a safety device and as a building enhancement

Marco Germani: resp. Maintenance and repairs
Paolo Cucco : Technical office for the development of new lifts
Jessica Falconi: Marketing Manager
Company: Ascensori Falconi SA, since 2000

Understanding customers’ needs and sharing them.
Offering high technology and quality products, but above all, to find solutions to transportation problematics of each building, of every facility we allocate our facilities to. That’s why we have a wide range of products that can adapt to the most varied needs, such as the adaptation of old systems in compliance with European rules and in order to improve quality and safety. Safety is important. Falconi elevators, supports an awareness campaign aimed at informing owners of buildings with obsolete installations of the risks of these elevators and proposes good solutions for modernization.

BIM for O&M

Edoardo Accettulli – General Manager
Company: Anafyo Sagl

Local cataloguing with QR code recognition, asset cataloguing with RFid recognition via RFid readers, cataloguing of technical systems with the possibility of querying and analyzing data through web application, aimed at the reporting of assets and management of maintenance, ordinary and extraordinary, based on a virtual model of buildings developed according to the BIM methodology.

Computational modeling for the discovery of new molecules for the treatment of rare diseases

Lorenzo Leoni, PhD – TiVenture Managing Partner and Vice President Gain Therapeutics SA
Company: Gain Therapeutics SA / TiVenture

Gain Therapeutics SA is a preclinical biotechnology company that is developing a new generation of molecules (chaperones) for the treatment of serious diseases using its SEE-Tx® technology. The company has numerous research and development programs in pediatric and neurological genetic diseases, in collaboration with several academic research centers including the IRB in Bellinzona and the Val D’Hebron Center in Barcelona. Gain Therapeutics was founded in 2017 in Manno al Tecnopolo Ticino thanks to TiVenture’s investment in seed capital, and is currently based in Lugano.

B Heroes Junior

Laura Prinzi – Chief Strategy Officer
Company: Lastminute Foundation

B Heroes Junior is a project for children aged 3-10 years which has the objective to create an educational ecosystem that cultivates and disseminates the entrepreneurial culture from early childhood.


Francesca Betteni, Territory Sales Manager

Dexcom is the leader in transforming diabetes care by providing continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology to help patients and healthcare professionals better manage diabetes.


Eric Bastioli – Head of R&D & CO-founder Autosoft Multimedia srl
Company: Autosoft Multimedia

SIDA DRIVE combines 30 years of experience in driving school training with simulated traffic realism and IA algorithms. It is the first 4-screen simulator with a 360° view that simulates frontal and reverse driving manoeuvres. It integrates a “Virtual Instructor” to help future drivers acquire mastery and driving safety in all conditions.

Advanced High Fidelity Simulation System and Digitization of Service Operation

General Manager Realini Carlo; Training Manager Rusca Ottavia, IT Manager Fuschetto Milcko
Company: Ambulance Service Mendrisiotto

High-fidelity simulations with computerized mannequins and audio-video recording for maintaining and improving work performance. Digitization of daily service operations.


Professional driving simulators for the disabled

Massimiliano Gambel – Sole Director Hap Srl
Company: Hap Srl

Hap simulator is a brand of the HAP srl group that produces professional driving simulators for rallies and tracks for disabled and normal people, designed to bring all fans and other people to the world of motorsport / E-sports, giving hope and confidence to all people who have had accidents or motor problems since birth.

Luganese Regional Development Agency

Roberta Angotti Pellegatta, Director of ARSL
Company: Luganese Regional Development Agency (ERSL)

The ERSL supports entrepreneurs in their contacts with SRI actors, it manages the regional promotion fund for the financing of medium and small projects and manages, in collaboration with the other ERS of Ticino, the crowdfunding platform

Volaly: I’ll guide you with one finger!

Alessandro Giusti, Boris Gromov (Istituto Dalle Molle di studi sull’Intelligenza Artificiale USI-SUPSI)
Company: —

Volaly is an innovative patent pending system that allows you to drive / control both indoor and outdoor, robots and drones using only the finger of your hand.

Pharmacological Safety and Train Therapy

John Baldi and Stevens Crameri – Directors
Company: Casa Anziani Opera Charitas Sovinco and Casa Anziani Alto Vedeggio Mezzovico-Vira

A simple gesture for the management of therapies.
Safety first and foremost, ensuring residents have a complete process from evaluation to prescription to the administration of drug treatment. Digital technology allows us to offer patients with dementia targeted therapies such as train therapy.

HID location servicies – the advantages of geofencing and indoor geolocation services

Giovanni Cannova, Sales Advisor
Company: O.E. OmniBus Engineering SA

HID location servicies architecture is a system based on the concept of geofencing that consists of creating a virtual perimeter, using radio frequency technology.

EFACEC by Bibus – E-Charging systems

René Schmid – CTO Bibus; Main Partner Hemargroup/Andrea Moroni Stampa CTO
Company: Bibus – Hemargroup

Efacec Electric Mobility makes electric vehicles part of people’s life, offering a full range of charging solutions to charge electric cars, motorcycles and buses with integration in management systems for efficient use of electric grid infrastructure.

SecuriEye – the intelligence behind the cameras

Silvio Ghiggi, Regional Director
Company: Securiton SA – Alarm and security systems

Securiton is your professional partner for the fields of fire protection, intrusion protection, access control systems, video surveillance security management systems and object protection. When it comes to security, you are looking for a partner you can trust. With the expertise and experience gained from the operation of thousands of installed systems, Securiton is the partner for every security need.

Swiss Game Creative

Maurizio Rigamonti / Michel Palucci
Company: inGame and various partners in Swiss industry

In Switzerland, the video game industry is a recent and growing reality. Within this space you will have the opportunity to discover the secrets that accompany the creation of a video game by participating in various activities that will alternate during the day. During the event you will be involved in programming, creating graphic content and designing a video game.



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